End of year shows / by Megan Lightell

Many galleries offer a unique opportunity at their end-of-year shows to see works on a smaller scale or works on paper.  This year there are new pieces on display through the end of the year at two galleries:


The above image, Evening Home, 12x12 inches, is one of four pieces at Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta for the Small Works show this season.  This is a favorite image I've been working with this year.  It started as a plein-air study of the view from my childhoood home, and will likely end up as a larger-scale work next year.  See all of the works at the gallery website here.


Zeitgeist Gallery invited the artists to share studio ephemera, works in progress, and sketches in their current Open Studio show. It is a glimpse into the process of the Zeitgest artists, and on the heels of Jerry Park's recent series at The Arts Company that looked inside the studios of Nashville's artist community, it offers another layer of understanding of what is happening behind those mysterious closed doors.  The above piece is a winter study on paper, and is one of several works on paper and ripped-out sketchbook pages hanging through the end of the month.